Age Groups

Wowing Campers At Every Age Level

Our campers join us at various ages—and grow up with us. We want to wow them each and every summer they’re here—and leave them looking forward to the next. Serving children ages 3-15, our programming and group structures cover a wide range of developmental stages. By placing campers in specific age groups, all led by college-aged counselors, we’re able to customize activities that meet their evolving needs and interests while providing the full Deer Mountain experience.


We want your child to stay engaged, experience varied activities, be challenged, and have a great time. That’s why each group’s schedule changes daily and contains a well-thought-out balance of major program areas—sports, fine arts, outdoor adventure, performing arts, special events, and swimming. As our campers grow, we add more elective time as well as trip options. We carefully craft these programs so that boys and girls in each age group can get the most out of their experience.

Starting with our nurturing and supportive nursery program, we relish the growth of our campers as they gain increasing independence—and embrace newly sprouted interests. At every level, they are able to actively participate and build on skills—and discover more about who they are and will become.

A world of rich development awaits DMDC campers at every age.

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