Performing Arts

Taught by working and professional actors, dancers, and musicians, our performing arts program allows campers to discover talent in exciting group performances—and shine on their own stage.


Singing, dancing, cheering, staging, and performing are a huge part of the Deer Mountain experience. Our performing arts program is top-notch. Children put on riveting performances; learn new dance moves; strum the guitar; act and play with sound equipment. Facilities include a 1,000 sq ft performing arts building featuring a maple-floored dance studio (which debuted in 2012), a full array of rock band equipment and a dramatic, outdoor amphitheater complete with sound equipment for performances.

As always, programming is age-appropriate. Younger campers have fun moving, dancing, singing, and playing games, while we introduce their ears to the basics of rhythm and beats. Older campers develop performing arts interests of their choice during in-depth Club and TOPS elective programs. Raw talent thrives at Deer Mountain!