With our historically robust swim program, Swimming is one of the most important skills your child will learn this summer. We have six heated, age-specific pools, and a welcoming, extensively Red Cross Certified swim staff—all to ensure safety, develop confidence, and produce aquatic milestones.

Daily Instruction


Each of our heated pools is customized for its specific age group-water depths reflect the age (and size) of each camper division. These pools get very familiar throughout the summer, since all campers swim twice each day, for instruction and recreation, five days a week. In the morning, we teach-using the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Our long history of success relates to our consistent ability to execute this program. Our teaching approach is gentle but effective—and backed by years of experience. Since our campers feel comfortable with us, our instructors are able to reach them in a way that helps each of them take their next steps. Afternoon swim means pure fun and if the temperature soars, we add more even more swim time to camper schedules.

Small Swim Groups | Close Supervision

Our staff-to-camper ratio is close, and at swimming campers get even more attention. Overall, pool supervision ratios are approximately one staff member for every two campers, including group counselors. Instructional swim groups are small: just one instructor to every five campers. Extra instructional support is provided as needed.


Within their divisions, campers are placed into swim groups based on ability—or as we like to say, “Based on how they feel about the water.” From campers not quite ready to get into the water to those competing on swim teams in the off-season, we teach to every ability level we see. We strive to generate remarkable safety and comfort—ensuring each swimmer is appropriately challenged to progress, but at his or her own rate.

For our preschoolers, our instructors adjust their teaching approach to better reflect the way our youngest campers learn. Instructors work with campers using one on one, learning through play techniques as they implement the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Whether your preschooler begins the summer with a bit of apprehension towards the water or is already “swimming” across the pool, we will meet them at their level and keep them moving forward.

Expert Teaching


Our swim staff is one of the largest and most experienced in the industry. Pool Directors are both American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard certified. They lead our swim program, managing lifeguards and instructors, each also American Red Cross Lifeguard certified. Throughout the summer, our instructors keep you up-to-date with your child’s swim accomplishments. Stand by as your child shows off what he or she can do in the water!