CIT Program: 10th Grade

CITs at Deer Mountain are developing into warm, caring adults—and they’re ready to embrace it. Our leadership program allows them to participate in a compelling mix of counselor training, community service, and age appropriate activities that keep them riveted.

Counselor Training

For CITs, practicing newfound responsibility is key. Each CIT chooses a younger division or specialty area with which they’ll spend approximately ten camp mornings. Several rotations are completed throughout the summer. With ample support and guidance from the group’s Division Leader or Activity Specialist, they are introduced to very real—and fun—counselor responsibilities. We provide ongoing feedback on their growth throughout the summer to help them build lasting skills in collaborative communication and leadership.

Community Service

DMDC is all about giving back. We inspire this in our CITs, as they explore a community service area of their interest. We have relationships with many local organizations that are happy to incorporate our CITs in helpful, enriching ways. Plus, community service hours at camp can count towards those required by many schools!

Experiencing DMDC

Our CITs are approaching young adulthood, but they still have time to enjoy being kids. Our ever-compelling activities round out their summer, as they spend time exclusively in activity areas of their choice. We custom design content that will keep them excited and engaged while strengthening relationships with each other.