Inters & Seniors: 4th – 7th Grade

Inters (Entering 4th and 5th Grade) & Seniors (Entering 6th and 7th Grade)


12 campers per group | 3:1 supervision ratio

As part of upper camp, our Inters and Seniors are all about spirit, connections, camaraderie, and challenging, high-quality programs. Beyond two daily swim periods (instructional and recreational), Inters and Seniors spend the majority of their camp day at activities of their choice. This way, they can cultivate growing interests and build their independence.

Elective Programs: Inter & Senior Club and TOPS

At TOPS (Tailor Your Own Program Schedule), campers focus on an activity of their choice for two consecutive periods every day for a week. They’ll have one or two TOPS activities each week, depending on whether their selection is a double or single period. Led by nurturing experts, these in-depth modules are designed to encourage greater skill exploration and development. TOPS options have included Mini Sports Camps in all major team sports, Mini Tennis Camp, Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Team Handball, Acrylic Painting, Wire Art, Robotics, New Age Portrait Photography, Chess, Film Editing, Claymation, Advanced Mad Science, HipHop Dance and Acting Techniques.

Inter & Senior Club is an extended elective program. Campers spend one period each day at an activity of their choice, over several weeks. Campers have an opportunity to gain deep skills in a specific area they like. Club activities have included: Softball League, Tennis League, on-stage Musical Production, Musical production Set Design, and Rock Band. Campers don’t need any prior experience to participate in whatever they choose!

Experiencing DMDC

When they’re not choosing their own activities, Inters and Seniors enjoy all DMDC has to offer through ever popular activities: lake activities, Aqua Track, ropes course, rock wall and zip line, and fine arts are just a few.

When it comes to special events, Inters enjoy Late Nights, which extend regular camp hours, and our famous Inter Division Overnight. They’re also offered a selection of awesome optional day trips.

As they approach middle school, we introduce our Seniors to a diverse program schedule with Special Events, Late Nights, and Senior Challenge Activities. With an astonishing array of day and overnight trip options, Seniors explore the world outside of camp while deepening their connections to one another. Horseback Riding is an optional, off-site weekly offering for both Inters and Seniors.

Inter and Senior groups include 12 campers, are split between boys and girls, and are overseen by at least two counselors each. Division Leaders monitor each group, while providing support to counselors and communicating with parents.