Fine Arts

Creativity and skill abound at Deer Mountain. We have a huge selection of activities in our fine arts program—and we make sure our campers get to experience all of it!

Whether creating a beautiful mosaic at Arts & Crafts, sanding miniature furniture at woodshop, or knitting a cozy scarf to treasure in the winter, we cultivate our campers’ imaginations through multiple colors, textures, and mediums. At Fine Arts, your child will bring his or her imagination to life, create something beautiful—and have fun in the process. He or she might even uncover a sprouting talent.


Artists and teachers who are experts at developing programs for children teach all of our Fine Arts activities. We weave a careful balance of each activity into camper schedules based on age and gender. If Fine Arts spark a passion with your child, he or she can select to focus more time in this area of camp during their Club or TOPS electives.

Discover the rich textures of our Fine Arts program—and get inspired!