What We Look For

Are you looking to shape the future—and help develop children into warm, caring, happy, successful adults? Are you eager to give them tools to thrive in a complicated, unpredictable world? Are you spirited, patient, confident, and open? Consider joining our staff at Deer Mountain Day Camp.


As a Deer Mountain staff member, you become an integral part of our 60-year legacy to help children flourish—both socially and emotionally. We’re passionate about celebrating our campers for who they are—and giving them a solid steppingstone to the next stage of their lives. Together, let’s enrich experiences, ripen potential, and make the world a better place—one child at a time.

Our staff incorporates diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Some of us have education degrees. Others are seasoned in business, sports, fine art, healthcare, psychology, outdoor adventure, and more. Each staff member is dedicated to camper safety, camaraderie, and development.


Our reach extends to staff members, too. We realize you’ve come to Deer Mountain to be challenged, develop personally and professionally, and make a positive impact on a younger generation.

Grow in ways you’ve never imagined.