Staff FAQ’s


Where is Deer Mountain Day Camp?

We’re 45 minutes from Manhattan, and a short ride from most townships in Bergen, Orange, Westchester, Hudson, and Rockland Counties. Our address is 63 Call Hollow Road, Pomona, Rockland County. Just off exit 13 of the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Who works at Deer Mountain?

Our staff is a mix of activities experts, certified teachers, camp professionals and students and graduates of grad school, college, and high school—including many former DMDC campers. Everyone’s smart, fun, creative, energetic, and dependable. We love camp and working with children!

Where are most staff members from? How do they get to camp?

Staffers usually drive to camp from Rockland County, Bergen County, Orange County, Hoboken, Jersey City, Brooklyn and New York City. Bus counselors supervise our campers on their rides to and from camp each day, taking camp transportation to work.

When does the camp season begin and end?

The first day of camp is Monday, June 29th, and the last day is Friday, August 21st. Camp is closed on Friday, July 3rd. All staff attend two and a half days of pre-camp orientation to prepare them for the summer!

Where are Deer Mountain’s campers from?

Rockland County, Bergen County, Orange County, Westchester, Hoboken, Jersey City, Brooklyn and New York City.

How old are Deer Mountain Campers?

Deer Mountain serves children ages 3 to 15 with age specific and appropriate on-site programming. Campers who have completed 5th grade and up have varying trip options throughout the summer. Campers in high school participate in our Counselor-In-Training Program.

A Typical Day

What will my hours be as a Deer Mountain staff member?

Counselors, specialist assistants, and lifeguards arrive at camp by 8:45am each day to begin with a morning meeting. Division Leaders, Specialists, and Waterfront Directors arrive earlier, based on their morning meeting schedules. Staff members leave after buses have departed camp, around 4:15 pm.

What is a typical day like for a counselor at Deer Mountain?

Days at Deer Mountain are a mix of exciting program areas, impactful interactions, and memories that will help children and staffers grow.

Campers arrive around 9am, after staff morning meetings. We begin each day with a morning line-up that gets everyone excited. Then, activities run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, including lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack. Depending on your group’s age and interests, your schedule will include a healthy mix of Sports, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Nature & Outdoor Adventure, and two daily Swim periods. We end each day with afternoon line-up before campers depart on their buses.

Will I ever be expected to stay late at camp?

In most cases, no. But two nights of every summer, counselors stay after regular hours for camper Late Nights. Specialists may be asked to run Late Night activities.

If you work with older campers, your schedule will include extended day and overnight travel options, which you’ll be expected to attend. We’ll talk about this during your interview, so you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for before summer begins.

What will my responsibilities be as a counselor?

As a group counselor, you’ll work (alongside a co-counselor) with 10-12 campers of the same age. Our groups for younger campers are a bit smaller. You’ll spend the summer building relationships with your campers, helping them feel welcome and supported, and facilitating group camaraderie.

This means participating and supporting your campers in all activities. Here, you’ll work alongside our Specialist staff, who create and run these programs. Your energy and enthusiasm will be treasured throughout the day, at group line-ups, special events, and more. Your days here will be active, full of spirit, challenge, triumph, opportunity, laughs, and uncountable rewards. You’ll get to make a difference!

Do I get to choose my own age group?

We’ll ask you to give us your age preferences (during the application process). After giving you a clear explanation of each group, we identify your best fit together. Sometimes, this decision is based on staffing needs.

Do I need to bring lunch?

No. Our catered lunch program features a hot entrée, several sandwich options, a pasta and salad bar, dessert, and fruit every day. Campers and staff members receive a morning snack of apples and an afternoon snack of ice cream or ices and pretzels. Due to allergies, a serious issue, we can’t permit you to bring any outside food to camp, but if you have dietary restrictions, we will accommodate them to our best ability.

What should I wear at camp?

Come dressed and ready for action! All staff members must wear a Deer Mountain Day Camp Staff T-shirt each day. We’ll give you two of these at orientation, and you can purchase more if you wish. You’ll also need a pair of closed-toe sneakers or running shoes and comfortable shorts or pants. Bring a bathing suit every day if you’re a counselor—you’ll be getting in the pool with your group at swim!

Positions and Expectations

What positions are available for high school and college students?

Join our team as an assistant or senior group counselor, a crafts or sports assistant, or a lifeguard! We’ll discuss the different roles and responsibilities of each during your interview process.

Group counselors work in teams of 2-3 with the same group of campers throughout the summer. You’ll spend your day guiding campers through their schedule—traveling to and encouraging them at different activities. You’ll be there to give them celebratory high fives, or to comfort them through moments. You’ll be astonished by how much you mean to your campers. Specialist assistants are assigned to specific camp activities. With an activity specialist, you’ll lead these activities for various camper age groups. You’ll be responsible for the incredible activities that enrich our campers’ summers.

What positions are available for teachers or other qualified adults?

If you are a teacher, post college professional, or coach, you can apply for a position on our Senior Staff Team as a Division Leader, Specialty Area Leader, Waterfront Director, or Athletic Director. We scout professional experts for our activity specialist roles, so if you have some talent to bring to the table and are great at working with kids, we’d love to have you on board.

Tell me about salary.

Your salary is based on your position and years of experience at Deer Mountain. We’ll talk more about this during your interview.

Is it possible to take a day off during the summer?

We pack a fun-filled summer into just 39 days. In such a short time frame, attendance and timeliness from all staff are critical. Plus, familiar faces and continuity are important for campers’ emotional and physical well-being. Therefore, we strongly discourage absences. If you know you have college orientation or a team sports (or other) commitment, tell us in advance of the camp season.

I’m in! Where can I apply?

Awesome! Apply online. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at (845) 354-2727. We can’t wait to meet you and see how you might fit our team.