Locations We Serve

Located in Pomona, NY, in Rockland County, Deer Mountain is a great place to spend the summer for children from NYC, Brooklyn, Hoboken, and Jersey City, as well as Bergen County, Westchester County, Rockland County, and Orange County. Throughout the summer, we provide fully supervised, round-trip transportation to various locations within these areas daily (Monday-Friday).

The moment we gather your child from your doorstep or nearest city corner, he or she is under our attentive care.

We were initially nervous about sending [our kids] on a bus out of the city each day, especially when our younger [one] was just 3. But Roberta was a reassuring presence and was constantly in touch with us [for] the first weeks. –Josh W, NYC

Private, Supervised, and Fun!

At the beginning and end of every day, your child will enter the same private, air-conditioned bus with a familiar group of children and a dedicated “van counselor”. This van counselor serves as another point of contact for you, and tier of support for your child. Traveling is an integral part of our camp day. An enriching van program is filled with friendly competition, cheering, and games. Your child will be excited to see his or her van buddies around camp, adding yet another layer of friendship to the Deer Mountain experience.


Safety First

As always, safety comes first. We ensure every child is accounted for and wearing a seatbelt before the bus starts rolling. We double-check that young campers are assigned to the right equipment, whether that’s a car seat or 5-point safety harness. At drop off, we make sure your child is safely in your care.

We take transportation seriously—and have a ton of fun doing it.