Job Descriptions

Every staff member at Deer Mountain is an essential part of our camp. You’ll promote safety and well-being while inspiring interests, friendships, and growth. Learn more about how each role fits into our community.

Group Counselors

High school, college, and graduate students

As a counselor at Deer Mountain, you’ll develop close and informative relationships with your group of 10-12 campers. You’ll spend your summer getting to know each individually, embracing their positive qualities, and helping them blossom in your group. You’ll participate in and support your group’s activities—from sports, to fine arts, to performing arts, nature, outdoor adventure, and beyond. Enthusiasm—such as at group line-up and special events—will be treasured. Spend an active summer full of laughter and growth—and make a difference in our campers’ lives.


High school, college, and graduate students

Lifeguards are lifelines and more—especially when the swim program is as robust as it is at Deer Mountain. As a DMDC lifeguard, you’ll help manage and maintain safety at our six heated, age-specific pools. You’ll also have the opportunity to teach children to swim—one of the most important skills they’ll gain as a camper—through the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Once chosen, we’ll need you to get LGT certified before the summer begins.

Activity Specialists

Post-college professionals

Activity specialists at Deer Mountain aren’t just genuine experts in their field: they’re also expert at creating and leading rich programming for children. You’ll work with children of all ages and groups throughout the day on developing skills in your specific realm. We gather the best talent—scouting the country, and even overseas—to help our campers build skills, try new things, and uncover surprising interests.

Athletic Directors

Post-college professionals

Athletic Directors are coaches, professional sports instructors or physical education teachers who help children develop skills in major team or individual sports—from soccer, to basketball, to baseball, tennis, golf, gymnastics, and beyond. You’ll develop and lead curriculums that balance instruction, drills, and game play for different age groups throughout the day.

Division Leaders

Post-college professionals

DMDC’s division leaders are teachers, professionals from other industries who have experience working with children and families or former lifelong campers and counselors. They are managers and leaders of the camp, responsible for overseeing entire camper age groups. You’ll work closely with camper families as an available and constructive point of contact. You’ll provide support to group counselors while serving as inspirational role models for campers.

Waterfront Directors

Post-college professionals

When it comes to swimming, you’re in charge. You’ll lead our team of lifeguards, overseeing both instruction and safety at our six heated, age-specific pools. You’ll implement our American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program for all camper age groups. Waterfront directors must be LGT and WSI certified before the summer begins.

Infirmary Staff

Post-college professionals

Infirmary staff is crucial: nothing can be fun unless a camper is feeling well enough to enjoy it. You’ll work in a group of 2-3 registered nurses in our air-conditioned infirmary on camp. Throughout the summer, you’ll provide basic care and first-aid as needed to campers. We also hire a per diem nurse to accompany campers on our off-site trips.

Summer Office

Post-college professionals

We love to keep our parents closely informed. As a member of our office staff, that would be your function, providing clear and robust lines of communication—and key customer service—for camper families. You’ll manage all formal and informal communications to and from families, schedule any visits or tours, and serve as the initial point of contact for all calls.

Discover yourself at Deer Mountain—and feel fulfilled.