The crack of a bat. The pop of a tennis racket hitting its mark. The swoosh of a basket. The Namaste after yoga. At Deer Mountain, we get the energy flowing at sports.


Sports at Deer Mountain focus on building and refining individual skills, working on strategy and getting in the game. We scout professional coaches and physical education teachers from across the country and around the world to run all sports programs. Each has a big personality, is great with kids, and knows how to demonstrate his or her skill on a level that campers can gain from. Our campers want to get up and try, drawn to the fun on the field, court, or class. Our goal is to teach campers the basic skills for sports they’ll see and hear about the most as they grow up. Some campers find their passion in a sport, opening the door to one or several potential lifelong pursuit(s), while others enjoy their experiences and benefit from the confidence found in learning the basics.


Preschool Sports

We introduce campers to team sports at the nursery level, building fundamental skills in the context of our most popular activities. Your preschooler will practice running, catching, throwing, jumping and more through age-appropriate drills in Soccer, Hockey, T-Ball, Basketball, Newcomb, and more. They’ll also play Tennis, tumble at Gymnastics, learn poses at Yoga and kicks in Martial Arts.

Sports Enthusiasts


As campers get older, they have the opportunity to learn new sports and refine existing skills. Kids can delve into their sport of choice during elective periods or at “mini-camps”, where campers join teams, train with a coach, and participate in league play.

Let’s play ball! Read more about sports at Deer Mountain.